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Social Support

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Social Support Services

Available to seniors with Home Care Packages or on the Commonwealth Home Support Program, our team is here to help your mental and physical wellbeing by empowering you to stay social and active in the community. 

This informal care could simply be a friendly face, sharing a laugh over a hot cuppa or a companion to escort you to the shops, other social engagements or medical appointments. 

Our friendly team focuses on delivering personalised care services while having fun and building meaningful relationships with you and your community. You can also connect with bi-lingual support staff who understand you and your community.

Social support is vital to your health & wellbeing. Speak with our team today about adding this service to your Home Care Package or through the CHSP program.

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Thanks to Vitality Club Mum’s been improving regularly, prior to this she was sitting on the bed a lot and suffered from low confidence and lack of motivation. Thanks to her weekly sessions, she's walking a lot more. She does steps outside, walks up to an hour and is getting back to where she was before she had her hospital stay, which is so great for us to see.


 Download your Free Guide to Home Care

Vitality Club is an industry-leading care provider that specialises in Home Care Packages. This guide is for Australian Seniors and their carers. It explains the Government’s Home Care Package (HCP) program, so you can better understand your options for in-home care and make sure you are getting the care that’s right for you.