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 Mobile Allied Health

Keeping active is an integral part of ageing well, and our Allied Health services will help you do exactly that.

Our team of expert Allied Health professionals deliver services to you in the comfort of your own home! With Vitality Club, there’s no need to worry about organising transport or parking!

We deliver Allied Health services across all regions of Sydney, and can now provide to the New South Wales Central Coast, as well as Southern Metro Victoria and Western Metro Victoria.

To learn more about our mobile Allied Health services, speak to a member of our friendly team today.


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Services Available



Manual therapy and treatments to help manage acute pain, improve mobility and aid in general physical wellbeing. Our physiotherapy services can also be focused on pre and post-surgery functionality.

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Occupational Therapy

A comprehensive home and personal safety assessment providing recommendations for home modifications and equipment such as motorised scooters, shower chairs and commodes. An OT assessment is required to be eligible for subsidised home modifications.



Diagnosis, treatment and ongoing care for your feet in order to minimise risk or unnecessary complications. Common treatments include toenail cutting, prevention of corns and general foot care in relation to circulation problems and Diabetes.


Exercise Physiology

Prescription and supervision of personalised home exercise programs to help increase strength, mobility and balance. A structured Exercise Physiology program will improve confidence and help you stay mobile and active for longer.



Consultations to help manage nutrition and hydration, minimise supplements and reduce unnecessary intervention to improve the overall quality of life. Our Dietitian can help you manage your chronic conditions, put on or lose weight.

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We understand the importance of affordable and accessible in-home care for senior Australians. At Vitality Club, we work closely with each client to ensure they make the most of their subsidies and entitlements.   

Our services can be booked through the following avenues. Click a heading to be taken directly to that pricing section.

For more information, please visit the pages above, our pricing page or call our friendly team. 

(02) 8103 2037

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Private Health Care Services

We specialise in Aged and Disability care, but our services are available to everyone. If you want to access services in your home but are on the waiting list, don’t qualify for a government subsidy or simply don’t want to bother, we can assist you as a private client. Please get in touch with our team to find out how to receive personalised mobile Allied Health services today.