Meet our team

We have a great team of passionate and friendly people and we're excited to share their stories with you.

Dimi smiling.

Dimi: Manager, Child, Youth & Family Services

Dimi does everything with compassion. Shaped by a challenging childhood, Dimi brings great depth and insight to her role to give hope to others that their futures can be brighter too.

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Nick smiling at the camera

Nick: Disability Connect Partner

Nick began his career in television production but was drawn to a role with more purpose and meaning. Now, Nick helps others live their life, their way in his role as a Disability Connect Partner.

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Chela, smiling as she speaks to an interviewer that has their back to the camera. Chela is indoors.

Chela: Home Support Partner and Case Worker

Chela devotes herself wholeheartedly to two challenging yet rewarding roles at The Benevolent Society. She changes lives, futures, and communities – one person at a time.

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Siavash smiling within The Benevolent Society national office

Siavash: National Support Centre Manager

Trading law for social work, Siavash is now the Manager of The Benevolent Society’s National Support Centre. Siavash shares what it’s like to manage our frontline of support.

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A smiling Tarsha

Tarsha: Senior Practitioner

Tarsha is a proud Kamilaroi woman - and Identified Senior Practitioner at the Benevolent Society , she shares why she’s fighting for her culture and her community.

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A smiling Jo

Joe: Child & Family Practitioner

If there’s one word to describe Joelene, it’s resilient. If we could have another, it’d be determined.

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A smiling Lillian

Lillian: Child and Family Practitioner

Lillian plays a vital role working with families to keep them together and connected to their culture.

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Gerry: Team Leader

The Benevolent Society’s Team Leader – Disability Services shares his 30-year journey in Community Services

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Virginia: Behaviour Support Practitioner

My role at The Benevolent Society is amazingly rewarding. I love coming to work, each week is a new adventure.

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Emily: Speech Pathologist

"I'm passionate about the work that I do but not to the point of taking myself too seriously. I care about using my skills to help our clients and their families."

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