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 Home Care Packages in Sydney

Long-term care in the home. Our home care packages help senior Sydney residents stay independent.




 What are Home Care Packages?

Home Care Packages (HCP) are one of the ways that older Sydney residents can access affordable care home care services. Home Care Packages are for those with more complex care needs, beyond what is available through the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), that requires a coordinated approach to delivery of care.


How can I get a home care package in Sydney?

Your journey to getting an in home care package in Sydney begins with My Aged Care, which is the starting point for government-funded aged care services.

If you are waiting on or have just been assigned a package, we encourage you to visit My Aged Care to compare home care package providers in Sydney including prices and care plans. If you need help, our friendly team is available to discuss your specific needs; contact us today.


 How can Vitality Club help?

Vitality Club are approved Home Care Package providers in Sydney, here to help you live independently in your own home.

We provide Home Care Packages individually tailored to your goals and needs. Your dedicated case manager will work with you to ensure you are effectively spending your package funding and that our services continue to reflect your needs as they change.


Home Care Packages Services

We offer the following services as part of our Home Care Packages:

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What will it cost?

No matter which provider you choose, all Home Care Package recipients must contribute to their care in some way. To estimate what costs are involved, or to find out more, please visit the My Aged Care website and be sure to use our Home Care Package Budget Calculator Tool to get an idea of the services you can access!


Home Care Package Levels

When you are assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), the assessor will ask questions to understand your care needs and goals in detail. This information is used to determine the level of care you need. The levels assigned are outlined below:


Level 1

Basic Care Needs

Approx. $8,900 / year

A level one HCP provides basic assistance, allowing you access to one to two allied health services or support visits per week.


Level 2

Low Care Needs

Approx. $15,700 / year

A level two HCP provides additional support to keep you independent. This includes approximately three to four visits per week


Level 3

Intermediate Care Needs

Approx. $34,000 / year

A level three HCP is for people needing more assistance than levels one and 2. Visits on this level can be more regular.


Level 4

High Care Needs

Approx. $51,600 / year

A level four HCP is for people with complex health and assistance needs. This is the highest level of care.


* These figures are rounded. 

* Each person is assessed based on their individual circumstance. The government will determine the level of care required through an assessment.


If you have any questions about the services we offer contact us on (02) 8103 2037 today!


Meet Susan

We have tried to work with a few different home care package providers to get services in my home, but Vitality Club has been the one that finally was able to help us make a difference. I think their staff are just wonderful, always here right on the dot, we get on well together, we chat, they are very interested in my progress. If I mention something my practitioner thinks about what we can do about it, willing and happy to vary the program, she’s excellent - I would recommend it to a friend!


 Download your Free Guide to Home Care

This guide is for Australian Seniors and their carers. It explains the Government’s Home Care Package (HCP) program, so you can better understand your options for in-home care and make sure you are getting the care that’s right for you.

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 Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Home Care Package?

The Australian Government’s Home Care Package Program helps you to live independently in your own home for as long as you can. The program provides a tax payer funded subsidy towards a package of care, services and case management to meet your individual needs.


What do the different levels mean?

There are four different levels of Home Care Package available, each with varying amounts of subsidy. See above for different subsidy levels.


How long does it take to be assigned my package?

  • Level 1: Approximately 3-6 months

  • Level 2-4: Approximately 12+ months


If I decide to go onto a Home Care Package, can I keep my existing cleaner? 

In most cases, yes you can. Vitality Club will do whatever it can to ensure that you are able to retain your existing worker if this is your preference. However, in order to do so, we need to arrange an agreement with the worker or relevant party. In some instances, the service provider or organisation may decline to enter into this agreement. In which case, Vitality Club would source a new worker of your choice.


Is there any fee for cancelling or withdrawing my package? 

Home care providers can deduct an exit amount from any unspent package funds if you decide to move to another provider or cease care. At Vitality Club we don’t charge an exit fee, we are confident in the services we provide and if we can’t help you in the way you need, we don’t want you to be burdened with the fee!


I have a complaint regarding my service provider, how do I go about making a complaint or giving feedback? 

Vitality Club is always eager to gain feedback on our service delivery and management of your package, be it good or bad. If you would like to submit feedback, this can be done via our website or by calling us. You will also be given the opportunity to give feedback or raise concerns at your 3 monthly Care Plan review. If you wish to take any complaints further than your Case Manager or VC management, you can contact My Aged Care to do so.


Do I need to complete an income assessment form? 

Typically only if you are NOT a full pensioner;

If you are paid a pension that is not means-tested or are a self-funded retiree, you will need to lodge an income assessment form. You can find this on the My Aged Care website where you will also find the fee estimator.


Can providers charge different prices for services and admin fees, is there a standard amount set?

Yes, they can. There are caps on some things such as the basic daily fee. However, admin fees and service costs can vary greatly between providers. Try not to base your decision on one element of the budget, however (i.e a low or waived Basic Daily Fee) as this is often compensated for in another area. It is best to compare multiple provider costs before making a decision.


I would like someone to speak to someone about my options but I’m not ready to choose a provider yet, is that possible? 

Of course! Our team is happy to answer any of your questions and provide a tailored info kit based on your care needs. Contact us to speak to one of our Home Care Package specialists and receive a personalised kit in the post or via email.



We offer home care packages throughout Northern Sydney, the Inner West, South East, South West & Western suburbs. These include (but not limited to):