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 Commonwealth Home Support Programme

Short term in-home support, basic case services aimed at reablement.




What is the Commonwealth Home Support Programme?

The Commonwealth Home Support Program or CHSP is a government subsidised program for over 65s who need a little bit of extra support. Visit My Aged Care to check if you meet the requirements for an assessment or if you are ready, apply for an assessment now. If your needs are more complex, a Home Care Package could be better suited to you.


 How can Vitality Club help?

Vitality Club offers services under the CHSP, helping you to stay active, social and safe in your home. Our program is designed to provide time-limited services that focus on working with you to get you up and active and achieve your goals. 

Our team of qualified Allied Health and social support professionals will work with you to set and monitor personalised goals, so you can keep doing the things you love!

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Services available

We offer the following services under the CHSP:

Exercise Physiology

Occupational Therapy



Social Support Individual

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What will it cost?

Whilst the program is subsidised, there is still an out of the pocket gap. We invite you to visit the prices page or speak to pour friendly team to learn more.

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For more information, call our team today!

(02) 8103 2037

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 Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between the Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Home Care Packages?

The CHSP program is designed to provide short term, interim funding for low needs care services, often when an individual is on the waitlist to be assigned a Home Care Package. For those requiring longer-term care, a Home Care Package is more appropriate. The idea of the HCP program is to provide a coordinated and tailored service to help older people with more complex care needs to continue living independently and happily at home. The Home Care Package holder will have to choose a provider to host their package, who will develop a care plan and individualised budget that will be used to deliver the care and services the individual needs. Vitality Club is also a HCP provider. Contact us to find out more.


Do I have to pay for CSHP services?

If you are eligible for the program, you’re expected to contribute to the cost of your care if you can afford to. The cost depends on the type of support and the provider. Vitality Club does charge a co-payment for CHSP services, you can see the prices on the price page. As all provider subsidies and fees are different, it’s best to contact My Aged Care to find the service provider that is the best fit for you.


 Download your Free Guide to Home Care

Vitality Club is an industry-leading care provider that specialises in Home Care Packages. This guide is for Australian Seniors and their carers. It explains the Government’s Home Care Package (HCP) program, so you can better understand your options for in-home care and make sure you are getting the care that’s right for you.