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 About Vitality Club

Vitality Club is an industry-leading care provider delivering high quality, personalised and holistic services to people with diverse lived experiences. 

Our staff are highly trained with a deep understanding of the care journey, here to guide and advocate for you every step of the way.

Vitality Club’s foundations were built on family and community, which is a legacy that continues today. Our team is dedicated to delivering professional and personalised care services while having fun and building meaningful relationships with clients and the community.



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 Our Values



If we treat everyone with the same respect & empathy as we do our family members, we will always produce our best work.



We have the opportunity to lead by example in order to create a better process and product for everyone involved.


Everyday is a Gift

We as a collective and as individuals get to wake up every day and make a positive difference in the lives of others.


 Our Story


Vitality Club was started in 2014 by two high school friends, Ahilan St George and Theeban Rubasingham. They wanted to give more to their community by working in an environment that promotes positive health outcomes.

The company started as a free walking group in Sydney’s Inner West and was aimed at helping seniors in the community be active and connect socially. The walking group organically evolved into Empower Hour, a circuit based exercise class that is still running today.


Vitality Club began providing Regional Assessment Services (RAS) under My Aged Care in Northern Sydney and South East Sydney. RAS assessors connect persons over 65 with services to keep them living independently. Vitality Club hired its first 12 staff members, and delivered 500 assessments.


Vitality Club grew its Allied Health workforce and was selected by the Australian Government to lead a consortium of 8 Mobile Allied Health organisations to deliver clinical home visits in the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP). This year, Vitality Club delivered 2000 hours of Allied Health in-home to over 700 clients, and delivered 2000 assessments across Sydney.


After 5 years of successfully running Empower Hour, NSW Health selected Vitality Club to expand their community exercise classes across NSW through managing the Staying Active program. Vitality Club funded the development of 46 Exercise classes across regional, rural and metropolitan NSW, and enrolled over 5000 seniors in local exercise classes. Vitality Club also delivered 6500 hours of Allied Health across Sydney, and delivered 3000 assessments. This year, Vitality Club also created Villages, Vitality Club’s Dementia specific model of care for Residential Aged Care Facilities.


2018 was another strong year of growth for Vitality Club, as they were selected as one of the strongest CHSP providers for Allied Health in NSW; winning additional funding to deliver Allied Health in the CHSP program. Vitality Club funded the development of 46 new exercise classes for seniors, which brought the total exercise classes to 80 across NSW; with over 8500 seniors enrolled in local exercise classes. Vitality Club also delivered 10,500 hours of Allied Health across Sydney, and delivered 4000 Assessments. 

Vitality Clinics was established to address the management of Frailty in Primary Care. 

A clinic was established in Sutherland with Professor Peter Gonski, Dr Leanne Corbett (GP) and Vitality Club was successful with winning a research grant with SPHERE (UNSW, UTS, UOW) to create a pilot clinic to measure the impact of multidisciplinary management of frailty in the community from a primary care setting.


Vitality Club became a nationally approved service provider for Home Care Packages (HCP) and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Vitality Club officially became a multi-state provider when it was selected in the 2019 Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) growth round to expand its Allied Health service delivery interstate to Victoria and regionally in Gosford NSW.  

Vitality Club was also recognised as a specialist provider of culturally appropriate care with bi-lingual staff and attention to cultural training and service delivery. The NSW Department of Health selected Vitality Club to deliver social support services to the Western Sydney and South West Sydney communities. 

Vitality Club increased its workforce, and also partnered with Like Family. 

Vitality Club developed the Vitality Line, a mental health and community touch point for isolated seniors looking for a friendly, inter-generational ear. 

By 2019, Vitality Club had established 100 new group exercise classes across NSW, and enrolled over 10,000 seniors in the Staying Active program. 

Vitality Club also delivered 15,500 hours of Allied Health across Sydney, 5000 Assessments and 250 hours of social support to over 5000 clients.


Vitality Club grew and adapted despite the pandemic. Like all businesses Vitality Club was forced to change operating procedures on short notice, moving office staff to work from home, and creating strict infection control procedures to ensure essential services were still delivered to the most vulnerable pockets of our society. 

Vitality Club solidified its position as industry leaders, and Ahilan appeared as an expert witness to the Royal Commission into Aged Care. Ahilan also appeared on a panel of CEO’s to talk about the proposed merger of the CHSP and HCP systems, as well as to give insightful commentary about how these changes may affect the industry. 

While group exercise classes across NSW were cancelled for most of the year, Vitality Club continued to deliver Allied Health services and achieved 8500 hours, to 2500 clients. 

Vitality Club enhanced its telehealth capabilities and created several virtual communities and exercise classes to keep people connected, fit, and motivated. 

Vitality Club established its Home Care package operation with its first 10 HCP’s.


Vitality Club was once again rewarded for its strong performance in delivering Allied Health and Social Support under the CHSP program, by being successful in the 2021 CHSP Growth Round. Vitality Club was selected to deliver Social Support services to Northern Sydney, and was asked to deliver additional Allied Health outputs. Vitality Club was also asked to deliver additional centre based respite in Northern Sydney, adding another new service type to their offering.


 Meet the Team

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As a workplace, Vitality Club offers a fun, agile and dynamic environment, with opportunities for professional and personal development. If you’re interested in working at Vitality Club, we’d love to chat.


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